Lucy is a 1964 Vintage Millard Caravan which has been renovated into the Little Van of Big Ideas.

Our team plan to hit the road with Lucy and visit regional Brisbane and Queensland to help people with their business ideas by creating strategies to grow their brand and meet their individual goals.

Not every business or brand is the same, making a cookie cutter approach useless. Every idea and brand should be tailored individually by creating a strategy to help that person and business get to where they need to be.

Regional Queensland is bereft of media experts and communities deserve up to date information and support from creatives and professionals to help them achieve greater economic return and obtain the freedom to run their businesses from where they choose to live, anywhere in the world.

Lucy will attend markets, events and festivals around the country while our expert team meets with the public and holds one-on-one jam sessions with clients.

This will also provide an opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs around Queensland aged six to 18 years sell their products.

If you would like to see Lucy visit your community CONTACT US to find out when she will be in your area.

Alternatively, book an appointment or a Jam Session for your brand or idea(s) via our ONLINE FORM or email